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Max is recently homeless, and hopelessly in debt, until an eccentric metaphysical mentor puts him on an unavoidable path to enlightenment.

Mostly Awake, a film by Cody Swanson, is a micro-budget independent comedy filmed in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The cast and crew are local artists, writers, musicians, etc and the soundtrack includes over 20 local Bushwick bands.

Filming took place over seven months from July, 2012 to February, 2013 when various work schedules and weather allowed. It was made possible through funding from friends, family, and strangers on Kickstarter, and all the talent and enthusiasm of the cast and crew, many working on a film for their first time.

It was shot on a Canon 5DmkII.


Writer and Director Cody Swanson
Executive Producer Bryan Ellingson
Producers Cody Swanson, Cody Cardarelli, Trevor Hamilton, Sean McMahon, Phill O'Connor
Sound Engineer Cedar Apfel
Boom Operators Phill O'Conor and Cody Cardarelli
Stunt coordinator Trevor Hamilton


Trevor Hamilton as Max
Sean McMahon as MJ (Metaphysical Jesus)
Manon Parent as Sofie
Cody Cardarelli as Paul
Phill O'Conor as Phil Connors

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